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Air Filter for GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 Engines

Air Filter for GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 Engines

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Changing a mower's air filter every season promotes longer engine life and easier starting. The air filter helps to keep dust and other particles from entering the engine. A clogged air filter can burn gas and make mowing more difficult. Consult owner's manual for recommended maintenance schedule and proper installation of air filter.

Fits Honda GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 Engines.
Contents include one air filter.
Quality tested for fitment, safety and performance.
Honda Air Filters provide superior filtration with low-flow restriction. They are built for long life and help to protect your engine.
Filters are designed by engineers using high-quality materials for superior dust-holding capacity.
Filters trap and hold damaging particles effectively ensuring less engine maintenance over time.
For detailed installation instructions, please refer to your instruction manual.

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