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2777 CFM 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler for 850 sq. ft.

2777 CFM 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler for 850 sq. ft.

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Honeywell Evaporative Air Coolers are an environmentally-friendly and cost-friendly cooling option for your home. Much like a breeze flowing across a lake or the refreshing cool air, you feel near a waterfall, air coolers produce a comfortable, cool breeze with the natural process of water evaporation. When warm air is drawn into the Honeywell Evaporative Cooler, it is filtered through a wet honeycomb cooling medium, which absorbs heat and naturally cools and humidifies the air. A powerful fan pushes the cool air out of the front of the unit into the surrounding area. This no-compressor system cools naturally, efficiently and inexpensively.

[ETL CERTIFIED FOR SAFE OUTDOOR USE] US Compliant, Outdoor-Rated Honeywell Swamp Cooler with UV resistant material & GFCI cord for safe outdoor operation. Energy-Efficient premium copper motor outlasts standard air cooler fan motors. Heat-safe internal housing for added safety and peace of mind.
[SUMMER COOLING FOR OUTDOOR LIVING] Backyard BBQs, pool parties, relaxing on the porch, garden or deck-an outdoor evaporative air cooler beats the summer's heat and keeps the good times rolling. Fanning out a powerful, fresh cool breeze, weather-resistant outdoor swamp coolers extend summer's comfort outdoors
[KEEP FAMILY/FRIENDS COOL ALL DAY LONG] Built to cool large spaces with minimal effort! Top loading ice compartment with a continuous water hose connection & triple-sided Honeywell Honeycomb Cooling Pads means powerful evaporative cooling all day long.
[NOT JUST A FAN, NOT AN AC] Like a cool, lake breeze, Evaporative Air cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation. Moist, cool breeze can cool you down without spraying floor & furniture with water! Air cooler is not an air conditioner and should not be expected to cool as efficiently as a refrigerated AC. Ideal for use in hot, dry areas like the southwestern and midwestern United States. Performs best when humidity levels are below 60%.
[RELIABLE HEAVY-DUTY APPLIANCE FROM THE AMERICAN BRAND YOU TRUST] Built-to-Last, Honeywell Air Coolers have been leading the industry with their quality products for over 12 years. These units are built with heavy-duty wheels, sturdy UV-resistant ABS plastic that is light in weight, for easy mobility and storage. Speak with a local U. S. team member for any product questions or issues
4 durable caster wheels allow easy mobility
Connect to garden hose for continuous water supply
Sound level at high speed: 65 dB
Non-compressor system cools naturally, efficiently and inexpensively
Top-loading ice compartment and massive 19 Gal. water tank
Wide fan blades for powerful airflow and fast air circulation
Oscillating louvers
Easy-to-use, mechanical control panel
3 speeds
Unpack, add water, plug it in and use

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