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Electric Food Plot Fence

Electric Food Plot Fence

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The new Hooyman Hot Zone Food Plot Fence is a complete fence kit that allows you to manage your browse pressure on your food plots, ensuring maximum plot success. Heavy browse pressure can cause poor plot production or even failure. Protect your investment of time, money and hard work with the solar powered, fiberglass and electric wire Hot Zone fence that keeps deer out of your plot until you are ready to let them in. The system is easily set up and easily deactivated to allow deer to feed.

Common use: protection of food plots, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, trees and any other area that needs protection from animals
Protect your garden from rodents, rabbit, fox, deer, cows and horses
Limited lifetime warranty
Hot zone food plot fence protection kit is measured to cover 1/2 acre
10-Watt solar panel
Electric fence 1.0 joule energizer
Hooyman hot zone food plot fence includes: eight 1/2 in. fiberglass poles, twenty four 3/8 in. fiberglass poles, 3 wire tensions, 45 line post insulators, 656 ft. poly tape electric wire and 1,312 poly wrote (non-electric)
Additional parts and accessories available and sold separately on to extend garden fence sizing to accommodate your custom area
Equipped with Hooyman's limited lifetime warranty

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