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Elongated Smart Toilet Bidet in White with Auto Open, Auto Close, Auto Flush, Heated Seat and Remote

Elongated Smart Toilet Bidet in White with Auto Open, Auto Close, Auto Flush, Heated Seat and Remote

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The HOROW smart toilet leaves conventional thinking behind and brings your bathroom into the future of personal cleanliness. The warm water jets clean you better than toilet paper ever could. Easy and sanitary hands-free operation thanks to motion sensor, foot sensor and remote control lets you go from start to flush without touching a single component. We have even made it eco-friendly you will use no toilet paper, minimal electricity and less water per flush than a standard toilet.

Soft wash(water and air mixed) with patent
Auto open and close, lid and seat open and close automatically with motion sensor, foot sensor or remote
Adjustable bidet spray nozzle moves front to rear, back and forth for a thorough cleaning
Sanitary: made with super-sanitary nano-antibacterial materials
Water filter: water purifying filter guarantees you get the cleanest personal washing
Anti-odor: deodorizer automatically masks any odors
Heated water: water spray is maintained at a constant, comfortable temperature
Heated seat: larger seat has built-in warmer, so you never sit down on a cold seat
Auto flush convenient 4-way flushing auto flush, foot sensor flush, remote flush, and manual control flush
Adjustable to your preference dryer, water temperature and pressure are adjustable for your comfort
Remote control: easy-to-use remote control for touchless control of features
Nightlight: it makes it easy to see and use in the dark
Efficient tankless design uses water only as you need it
Uses less water per flush than standard toilet with no loss of flush strength
Reduces wasteful toilet paper usage
High-tech toilets: a healthy and hygienic bathroom environment is what your heart desires, an integrated toilet with deodorant, a silver ion-added seat, a self-cleaning nozzle, and UV light is just what you need

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