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Engine Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Sprocket

Engine Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Sprocket

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Intermotor is a complete engine management import line that includes ignition and electrical relays, switches and sensors with a concentration on high technology categories such as computerized engine controls, fuel injection, and emission controls with coverage for every part number with an import nameplate. Intermotor parts are unrivalled for quality, original fit, form, function, and coverage providing a genuine import part in every box. Intermotor is the import leader by design.

Direct-fit OE replacement effectively restores and maximizes engine horsepower and torque curves while reducing emissions and improving vehicle efficiency
Precision-machined to ensure accurate variable valve timing, correct rough idle, and restore drivability
OE-matching sprocket tooth profiles result in quiet operation
Extensively designed to lower leakage and lash, which improves performance and leads to noise-free operation
Undergoes 100% end-of-line testing to meet or exceed OE performance
With hundreds of VVT components in our line, we provide aftermarket-leading coverage for the high-tech, high-failure VVT category

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