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3 Gal. Mobile Mop and Bucket Wheels with Profi X-Large

3 Gal. Mobile Mop and Bucket Wheels with Profi X-Large

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The Leifheit Click System Wiper Press Profil XL Mobile offers a unique mop and bucket with wringer set that is designed to make floor cleaning easier and quicker. This set accomplishes this by minimizing excess spillage and keeping everything you need organized and tidy at all times. This set includes the mop itself, a removable and machine-washable microfiber head, as well as the bucket with a built-in wringer system operated entirely by your feet (no need to get your hands anywhere near your dirty mop water). To use this dynamic duo, simply drop the mop head into the wringer, press the pedal with your foot to squeeze out any excess water, then snap the head right back into place on the end of the mop handle. The microfiber absorbs just the right amount of water to get your mopping done without dealing with a huge, wet mess all over the floors of your home. That equates to less preparation time, less mopping time and less time cleaning up after the fact. The mop head can also be removed and switched out with another compatible Click System accessory. The handle itself is made of strong yet lightweight steel to provide extra leverage for deeper cleaning. This mop handle also includes a 360¡ã rotational joint at its base, allowing you to cover a greater area in less time without the need to constantly adjust your grip. The low profile, 18 in. head allows easier access into hard to reach areas as well. The bucket has a capacity of 2.1 Gal. (8 l).

Cleaning has never been easier with this hassle-free leifheit mop and bucket with wringer set
Removable microfiber head and wringing device offers absorbency and mess-free cleaning
Ideal for tile, hardwoods, laminates and other smooth flooring options
Crafted from steel and durable plastic to ensure stability and reliability through regular use
Handle 57.5 in. H, mop head 18 in. L, bucket 15.25 in. H x 8 in. L x 11 in. W

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