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5.28 Gal. Stuart Recycle Tower Dual Trash Can in Stainless

5.28 Gal. Stuart Recycle Tower Dual Trash Can in Stainless

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This multifunctional step trash can is all you will ever need for detailed waste disposal within one product. Cover both general trash and recyclables with the inclusion of this set in your kitchen. This product is especially great for larger or family homes. This trash can set comes with 2 sections, a large 20 L can for general disposal and double 8 L for detailed recycling. The recycling section can be stacked on top of the general disposal to utilize vertical space, or the sections can be used separately. The 20 L trash can is opened by stepping lightly onto the foot pedal or pulling the front handle down-and-out. The recycling cans are opened by a simple push of a button and are closed with a satisfying click. The lids on the recycling cans have a built-in lock system to keep the lid open. They also offer soft-closure for a noise-free experience. This will free up an extra hand as you throw things away and take out the trash. No more hassle trying to keep the lid open and re-line the trash can at the same time. This set will be a much better disposal method for your household. If you are looking to upgrade your trash disposal methods, then this multifunctional step trash can is a perfect choice. Instead of buying 3 different trash cans, go with the option that provides everything in one purchase. With this step trash can set, you will cover all your bases and make taking care of the trash significantly easier.

Stainless steel step trash can offers triple the amount of disposal space to streamline your waste disposal process
Features 2 stackable trash cans; lower section provides 20 L of capacity and top section offers dual 8 L recycling cans
Use to keep all of your major waste disposal methods in a singular, organized space
Removable recycling buckets with handles, uses push-button, pull-out and step-to-open methods
34.6 in. H x 12.4 in. W x 12.4 in. D; 2x 8 L (2.11 G) and 20 L (5.28 G ) capacity
Stainless steel

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