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Greystone Collection 25 in. Black Side Table (1-PK)

Greystone Collection 25 in. Black Side Table (1-PK)

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This modern side table's simplistic style and versatility are perfect as a workspace or additional surface area for your living room, lounge area or office space. The faux gray stone top complements the table's black frame, making an attractive addition to your furniture set. The C-shaped design gives this side table a unique functionality. It can be used as the traditional table next to any chair, but you can also angle it over the arm of the couch or your lap for a closer tabletop surface. This will bring the table's surface closer to you, adding an element of convenient accessibility. The 4-leg support system adds extra stability while maintaining a minimalist style. This side table can be used in any seating area of the home. Use the table to enjoy dinner and a movie with family, work from home on your laptop or finish homework from the comfort of your couch. It can also be used as a corner table to showcase decorative accents such as pictures, house plants and other items. The compact nature of the C-shaped design allows you to push the table's legs under the couch or chair, which, in addition to bringing the table closer, frees up more walking space around your furniture. This feature is wonderful for smaller homes such as apartments, duplexes and townhouses.

Functionality: The convenient C shape of this side table allows it to slide easily under a sofa or bed while the top extends over the armrest of a sofa or top of a mattress creating greater accessability in your daily life. Keep everything within reach by using this table as a couch table for remotes, TV tray table for snacks, a bedside nightstand, a laptop table or breakfast desk.
Designer's Thoughts: The beauty of the Jamestown collection is its simplicity. Minimalist lines and a contemporary aesthetic make all the pieces in the series easy to fit into just about any style decor. And with a variety of matching tables and shelves to choose from this series has something for everyone. In the Slate Concrete finish the look is pushed in a more raw industrial modern direction with the rustic texture playing to a more masculine aesthetic.
Quality Materials and Construction: Durable steel legs and frame paired with high quality engineered wood finished in scratch resistant rustic textured laminate.
Good to Know: Lightweight makes this table easy to move when needed.
12 in. H x 10.25 in. W x 18.125 in. D
4-leg support system adds extra stability while maintaining a minimalist style, this side table can be used in any seating area of the home

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