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9 in. H Brown Resin Wicker Foot Stool Ottoman

9 in. H Brown Resin Wicker Foot Stool Ottoman

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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Resin Wicker Low Table is really a low table. It is just about a foot high, and perfect for lounge spaces. It works wonderfully as a foot stool or even a low seat. The sturdy, resilient wicker is smooth and weather resistant, so it works well in transitional spaces. Perfect for 3-season rooms, porches, and covered patios. It can even be a simple accent to your living room for eating around the coffee table. With a sturdy metal frame and sturdy resin wicker, it's the right piece for an active household. It can even be turned upside down and used as stylish storage-it barrel shape makes a very attractive basket. Enjoy beautiful resin wicker in your home, indoors and out, with this low barrel table.

Indoor/outdoor resin wicker side table that can double as a seat
Resilient weather-resistant wicker
Sturdy, tight weave around strong metal frame
Low profile, attractive accent piece
9.5 in. high, 18 in. wide
Easy to clean (can be hosed off)
Doesn't attract most wicker-scratching pets (talking to you, cat)

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