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28 in. Hydrostatic Wheel Drive 2-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Joystick Chute Control

28 in. Hydrostatic Wheel Drive 2-Stage Snow Blower with Electric Joystick Chute Control

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Honda's HSS928AW is the machine to satisfy your snow removal needs with the ultimate in comfort, control and convenience. It's a product that you can trust in your time of need. It packs serious snow clearing power from its reliable, easy starting and fuel efficient 270cc Honda commercial grade GX engine. Additionally, with the outstanding sure-grip provided by its 14 in. pneumatic tires, you'll be able to clear snow on many different terrains. Combine this with the convenience of electric joystick chute control and Honda's exclusive hydrostatic, infinitely variable speed transmission and you've got the ultimate snow clearing machine. Isn't it time that you experience the joy of owning a Honda.

For questions about service and repair, please call Honda at 770-497-6400 or reference the Service & Repair document
Honda's exclusive hydrostatic transmission allows you to easily match the ground speed with snow conditions, it also enables your Honda wheel drive snow blower to burrow through snow drifts like a bulldozer, plus, transmission disengagement is simple, making for easy transporting with the engine off
Electric joystick chute control: easily control the discharge of snow with just your fingertips, Honda's 4 direction joystick controller makes it easy to put the snow exactly where you want it, better yet, it runs off of the engine's charging coil, so no need to worry about dead batteries
Easy to control, a single lever accurately adjusts ground speed without affecting the auger rotation speed, push forward to move ahead; pull back to go in reverse, adjustments to forward and reverse speed can be made with 1 hand, quickly and easily, there are no gears, so no shifting is necessary, it's the ultimate in control and improved safety
Honda's skid shoes are a superior design: manufactured from extremely durable materials, so they take longer to wear down, plus, they are reversible, so you get twice the life from 1 set, when 1 side is worn down, simply reverse it
Bearing supported, ice breaking serrated auger: the HSS928AW is equipped with an ice breaking, heavy-duty, serrated auger with easily replaceable shear bolts, for durability when the going gets tough
Powered by Honda's legendary fuel-efficient and easy starting GX270 overhead valve, commercial grade engine, this engine features automatic decompression, so pull starting in cold weather is not only easy, but easy on the operator too, it also provides plenty of grunt to power through the toughest of snow conditions
Unit arrives assembled, oil and gas will need to be added prior to initial use, please read the owner's manual prior to initially operating the unit
Fingertip steering: easy control, even with the engine off left and right control levers provide easy and intuitive steering control, the steering control levers also provide easy movement and transport, even with the engine off, just pull and hold both levers for neutral, then easily roll the snow blower
Auger protection system: the HSS928 auger drive shaft and impeller blower are protected by easily replaceable offset shear bolts, should the auger engage a solid object, the shear bolt will break to prevent auger or impeller shaft damage
Ice breaking, heavy duty serrated auger: Honda's snow blowers are equipped with ice breaking, heavy-duty, serrated augers, to enhance performance and durability, the auger shaft is bearing supported

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