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1-piece 0.8/1.28 GPF Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White Seat Included

1-piece 0.8/1.28 GPF Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White Seat Included

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Bring it to life in your bathroom with the sleek and modern low tank extension toilet. You'll be proud to buy it, it's not only good looking, it's functional enough. It is a more powerful flush than most toilet flushes on the market, and it is an ADA-compliant toilet. HOROW is committed to bringing beauty home.

Luxurious toilets for bathrooms: modern toilet with ADA height design, seamless, one-piece toilets design makes a statement with its clean lines and low profile
Chair height toilet: ADA compliant, features 17.3 in. H from floor to seat, comfortable height seating, it makes visiting the toilet to be more comfort as there is less strain sitting on or standing up
Map flush 1000 grams: great maximum performance flush score of 1000 grams, meets Water Sense criteria, fully-glazed 2 in. trapway, such a powerful and water-saving toilet bowl comes from our research and development of innovative toilet plumbing structures
Easy to install: 2 big opening holes on the side to fix the toilet much easier, installing a new modern toilet isn't as hard as it sounds, all you need are a few hours and a plumber, installation video explanations will make the installation process easier
Water saving performance: siphon flushing, dual flush 0.8/1.28 GPF, 1.28 Gal. flush provides significant water savings of up to 16,500 Gal. per year, compared to a 3.5 Gal. toilet, without sacrificing performance

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