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Sandalwood and Vintage Blue Decorative Trunks Vintage Set (2-Piece)

Sandalwood and Vintage Blue Decorative Trunks Vintage Set (2-Piece)

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This set of 2 decorative trunks will provide you with versatile storage options that will brighten up any room. The antique stylized exterior and durability are perfect for storing all types of items in any room. Its handmade qualities will help pull the room together by adding a warm and homey feeling. Chinese fir wood and engineered wood detailing come together to create this elegant pair of trunks. With warm-toned lids and vintage blue bodies, these trunks are definitely statement-worthy. The gold and cream scrolling provides a hint of femininity, while the metal accents and curved lid emphasize its durable, treasure-like structure. The lids are attached with strong hinges and open fully for easy access. These lids also have built-in lock systems to keep the lid open while you load or unload various items. To close the lid, simply pull the lid back down and secure it with the front latch. These trunks would be perfect for storing coveted book collections, blankets, seasonal wear, pillows and more. Their style and reliable construction make them much preferred over their plastic alternatives. Set these at the foot of the bed, beside the couch, near the front door or any spot in need of easy-to-access storage.

Vintage-style wooden storage chest with domed wood lid and painted scroll finish-set includes large and small trunks
Hinged lid opens fully and stays open
Distinctive, hand-worked feel with black interior and ample storage space
Beautiful scrollwork painted finish with metal accent hinges on lid and corners
Large trunk: 16 in. H x 23.5 in. W x 14.5 in. D
Small trunk: 11 in. H x 15.75 in. W x 11.5 in. D

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