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6500-Watt Electric Start Standby Gas Generator 120/240-Volt Single Ph with Bluetooth and 10 Circuit Auto Transfer Switch

6500-Watt Electric Start Standby Gas Generator 120/240-Volt Single Ph with Bluetooth and 10 Circuit Auto Transfer Switch

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In the event of an unexpected loss of power to your home, you will have peace of mind with the HP2S-Honda Portable Power System. This portable home back up power-package uses the Honda EM6500SX with the New CO-MINDER carbon monoxide detection safety system, intelligent Auto-Voltage Regulator (iAVR) & Bluetooth technology. The electronic ignition EM6500SX is coupled with the APC 10 Circuit 120/240-Volt Universal Transfer Switch with automatic, uninterruptible & intelligent transfer of power. The APC Universal Switch offers a variety of user-programmable features that put you in charge of exactly what the system will power in the event of an electrical outage. The Universal Transfer Switch intelligently monitors the power requirements in your home & turns various circuits on & off based on your pre-programmed circuit priorities. Depending on the electrical loads the Universal Transfer Switch's ability to intelligently manage power can make your generator equivalent to one 20%-50% more powerful. Once the loss of power event has cleared & your home power is restored, your fully portable EM6500SX can be used on your next RV/Camping trip, tailgating party or any other application where you need clean portable power. The kit comes complete with EM6500SX generator, 40 ft. 10-4/30 Amp power cord, 30 Amp Power Inlet box & APC Intelligent Universal Transfer Switch. Consult a licensed electrician for installation to ensure safe operation & compliance with local & state electrical codes

Intelligent power management - the universal transfer switch's greatest benefit is its ability to manage the home circuits you wish to power and load shed, load shedding enables the universal transfer switch to automatically shut off power to non-essential items, so it can direct power to items that you consider a higher priority
Automatic load management offers many benefits that makes power management easy with no need to manually distribute power using switches and makes your generator behave like one 20% to 50% more powerful that automatically prevents your generator from being overloaded
7,000-Watt iAVR output for a maximum of 10-seconds to start high amp load applications with Honda's iAVR power feature (58.3 Amp/29.2 Amp), 120-Volt/240-Volt of power with easy electric start or remote start option (battery included)
EM6500SX operates at 64 DB to 66 DB (A)
Fuel efficient - runs up to 9.8-hours on 6.2 Gal. of fuel thanks to the auto-throttle system
CO minder sensor provides protection from harmful carbon monoxide and automatically shuts down the generator before detected CO levels become dangerously high
Powered by technologically-advanced commercial-grade iGX engines and includes Honda's proprietary iAVR power feature which minimizes voltage fluctuations and allows for increased wattage above the maximum rating for up to 10-seconds to start high amp load applications
Oil alert, auto-throttle, co-minder, Bluetooth enabled, fuel gauge, 2 wheel kit, circuit breakers for overload protection, USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler and simultaneous AC/DC use
APC universal switch (UTS10BI) has automatic, uninterruptible and intelligent transfer of power (input power of 7200-Watt)
APC 10 circuit 120-Volt/240-Volt transfer switch includes bypass fastons and hard wire panel, maximum line current 20 Amp
Reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for an external mechanical bypass
APC switch allows for standardization on 1 product for use in different environments
APC switch meets UL 1008 transfer switch standard
Complete standby power kit includes: Honda EM6500SX generator, APC UTS10BI 10 circuit switch, outlet box and 40 ft. 10-4 30 Amp cord set
Warranty: 36-months on Honda generator and 12-months on APC transfer switch
Contact your local licensed electrician for proper installation according to your local and state electrical code.

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