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White Folding All-Weather Proof HDPE Resin Plastic Adirondack Chair for BBQ Beach Deck Garden Lawn Backyard

White Folding All-Weather Proof HDPE Resin Plastic Adirondack Chair for BBQ Beach Deck Garden Lawn Backyard

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A classic is a classic for a reason and Adirondack Chairs are about as timeless they come. Whether set on a beach, gathered around a fire in the backyard, or overlooking the mountains on a vista, this design is never out of place. Crafted of High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) material, our version is more enduring than soft wood, for its strength and sustainability, in a variety of vibrant and classic colors that requires no maintenance. Showcasing traditional planked construction, this chair features a high, arched back, wide armrests, deep seating and a thick, slanted base, you'll want to lounge and relax for hours. This lovely outdoor chair is a perfect complement and a must have to your outdoor space.

Product dimension: 29.33 in. L x 32.68 in. W x 35.04 in. H the seat width of the traditional Adirondack chair is 2 in. W than the average chair for greater comfort this Adirondack chair is the perfect companion for outdoor patio
Folding Adirondack chairs: the Adirondack chair can be folded by removing the pins that are attached by a chain it's easy to operate when you're not using it and doesn't take up your deck space it is good for storage and easy to move
Natural appearance and weatherproof material: we use recycled high density polyethylene material for the whole chair it looks like wood but it's not wood it has a natural appearance and doesn't look plastic this HDPE material lasts longer than the wood as it has a great reputation for the abrasion resistance performance this HDPE material chair perfectly withstands hot summers and freezing winters
Comfortable Adirondack lean chair: the Adirondack chair has a comfy recline the chair is more of a lounging angle than a sit straight upright angle and very comfortable to sit in the chair surface is super smooth and nothing rough on it doesn't snag your clothes or irritate your skin like some wood ones
Heavy-duty and super sturdy chair: the HDPE material is heavy-duty and it may be heavier than a soft wood chair the weight is around 8 lbs. to 9 lbs. for each chair it will not blow over in high winds the wide arms and comfy lounging backrest make the Adirondack Lawn Chairs adorable and super comfortable
Tools included and easy assembly: this Adirondack chair's assembly is super easy with all the tools and hardware included if you have a power drill, to use the drill will speed up the process if you don't have one, to use the hand tool included will be nice 1-person can do put them together once the chair has been assembled, it is extremely sturdy

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